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At this page you can download Tibetan texts translated by the Dharmachakra Translation Committee (pdf format). All the texts contain reference to the corresponding page numbers of the English translation.

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Ornament of Reason
Ornament of Reason
dbu ma rtsa ba shes rab kyi 'grel ba 'thad pa'i rgyan
Deity, Mantra and Wisdom
Ladder to Akanishta
bsKyed rim lha'i khrid kyi rnam par gzhag pa 'og min bgrod pa'i them skas

Clarifying the Difficult Points
bsKyed rim lha'i khrid kyi dka' gnad cung zad bshad pa

Four Stakes That Bind the Life-force
Srog sdom gzer bzhi'i dmigs pa gnad 'gags khams gsum rol pa tshangs pa'i sgra dbyangs

Husks of Unity
bsKyed pa'i rim pa cho ga dang sbyar ba'i gsal byed zung 'jug snye ma
Middle Beyond Extremes
Khenpo Shenga's commentary
dBus dang mtha’ rnam par ‘byed pa’i tshig le’ur bas pa’i mchan ‘grel

Ju Mipham's commentary
dBus dang mtha’ rnam par ’byed pa’i bstan bcos kyi ’grel pa ’od zer ’phreng ba
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